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For Beginners

UX Whiteboard Challenge  - Ade's First Time!

Whiteboard Challenge January '21

UX Design: How To Do A Whiteboard Challenge #1: Baristas

How to ace your first whiteboard challenge for product design (remote or in-person)

Rock your Whiteboarding Interview in 6 Steps

Prepare for a Job Interview

Design Interview Whiteboard Challenge

How to Prepare for Whiteboard Design Challenge

How Amazon and Zappos hire UX Designers, job interview prep and whiteboard challenge - Episode #4

My Uber Whiteboarding UX Challenge and How to approach design whiteboarding exercises

Remote whiteboard challenge (UX product design) - plant shop

UX Design Challenge Walkthrough | Internship Interview

Whiteboard framework for UX or Product Designers

Helpful Tips

5 UX whiteboard challenges in 5 days (What I learned & tips)

3 Tips to Nail Your Next Whiteboard Challenge

Interview Tips: the Design Challenge

UX product design exercise — Redesign ATM (whiteboarding job interview)

How to Use the Whiteboard in an Interview

Remote whiteboard challenge (UX product design) - plant shop

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