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Web page for a headphones company

Design an experience for a headphones brand of your choice and create a page that addresses the needs of their users.

Time is off the essence and the company needs to have this up ASAP. There is no time for research! 

Medium resolution mockup of a page. The page should be easy to understand without too much text in order to avoid overwhelming the users.

How Might You divide their users into use groups? How Might You sell the products to those personas?

1. You are allowed to pick a brand of your choice.
2. Then, examine their website, learn about the types of headphones they offer.
3. Create 3 Ad-Hock personas (Ad-Hock personas are based on no or limited information, typically used when no research or data about the users is available) 
4. Analyze and familiarize yourself with their websites' look-and-feel and UX. You must abide to the existing direction.

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