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Reduce friction between parents and kids

Kids love to interact with games, especially if they come in a small and bright digital screen such as a mobile phone

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Make your UX tool of choice more accessible

Improve a part of a graphic tool of your choice

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The journey of finding and keeping a good roommate

Design a mobile experience for finding and keeping a good roommate

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Relocating to a new country

More and more millennials relocate abroad for work. Can you help them have a better relocation experience?

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Decrease Doctor/Computer time

Help Doctors spend more time with their patients

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Dashboard design

Design a dashboard for a freelancer

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Remembering our memories

Capture our memories so we don't forget them in the future

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Make museums safe again

How Might We keep museum-goers safe?

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Quick whiteboard interface portion

Show us a portion of an interface of a new app

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