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Sharpen your problem-solving skills & expand your knowledge

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UX Whiteboard Challenge brings you the latest problems including ones that Google, Amazon, and Facebook use during job interviews

So during your interview, you'd win it like a UX star 🌟


How to participate?

Step 1

Pick a challenge and solve it

Browse through the challenges and pick one that sparks your interest. Then, solve it using your preferred tool such as Figma, Sketch, XD, Miro, etc., any tool is fine as long as it generates a shareable link 🧐

Step 2

Share a link to your solution with everyone

Copy the link of your proposed solution, then hit the reply button and paste it there in order to share it with everyone 👏

Step 3

Browse, learn, and expand your knowledge

Explore links to solutions that other designers shared and expand your horizons by learning what approach other designers took to solve the same challenge 🥳

Ready to be challenged?

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